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WP Sheet Editor Media Library



Category: Plugin, Premium Plugins, WP Sheet Editor
Tags: wp sheet editor

WP Sheet Editor Media

What is the WP Media

In WordPress all the files are stored in a single
place, the WP Media Library. For example:

  • All
    the files you upload in the posts or pages
  • Featured images of posts, pages, and
  • All the product gallery images from

A Spreadsheet created especially
for all the Media Files

WordPress has a Media library page
listing all the files. But it’s extremely limited

The list of files only shows an image preview,
and you have to open every single file to see more information.

searches are extremely basic. You can find files by title, month, and format.
That’s it.

Finding images with empty captions or alt text
or descriptions, or finding images uploaded in the last hour, or by
associated post, is almost impossible.

  • This
    plugin provides one spreadsheet for all the media files for your entire
  • One spreadsheet for all images, videos, PDFs,
    music files, etc.
  • Edit all the images, videos, PDFs,
    music files quickly
  • Update image titles, alt text,
    captions, descriptions, etc. in bulk
  • Make advanced
    searches by keyword, file path, alt text, caption, description,

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