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Woocommerce Composite Products


Version: 8.4.2

Category: Woo Extensions
Tags: Woo Extensions

Woocommerce Composite

The definitive WooCommerce product

Looking for a way to offer customizable
product kits, such as custom computers,
skateboards, gift-boxes, or made-to-order jewelry Look no further!

Give customers the
power to build their own products with Composite Products: The most flexible,
robust product builder for WooCommerce. Engineered specifically for
kit-building applications with advanced inventory
requirements, Composite Products lets you utilize
existing products to create the most engaging product kits and configurable
products. The extension works great in a broad range of use cases, thanks to

Meet Composite Products: The definitive
WooCommerce product

your workflow

Want to offer a custom skateboard Start by
creating its building blocks: A deck, trucks, wheels, bearings and hardware
for assembly. Then, populate each with options by choosing products or
categories from your catalog. Finally, choose a flow and layout that will
keep customers engaged and start selling!

Products supports simple & variable products, product
and even downloadable/virtual flavors of these product
types, giving you an advanced set of tools to make almost anything

More than just another WooCommerce
product configurator: Composite Products lets you group existing products in
any way you imagine.

streamlined, personalized purchasing experience

Love the
simplicity of variable products, but need a way to manage the inventory of
each option How about using a multi-page, multi-step

With multiple layouts and option
to choose from, every Composite product can be quickly
adapted to offer a streamlined, personalized purchasing

Delight your customers with a personalized

that scale

Got thousands of decks, trucks and wheels in
your skateshop catalog Sure enough, you ll want to offer them all in the
custom skateboard configurator you just built!

No problem
choose a paginated,
responsive options
to make browsing more fun, and help customers find exactly
what they are looking for by enabling product sorting/filtering controls.

The most scalable WooCommerce product
builder, period. But don
t just take our word for

flows and dependent options

Composite Products brings
advanced conditional logic at your fingertips: Use scenarios to control the visibility of entire
configuration steps or individual options.

Too many rules
to input manually More variables to account for Need to trigger custom
conditional actions Its extendable architecture
and developer-friendly documentation have established Composite
Products as a great starting point for any demanding kit-building

An extendable, adaptable

Almost there, but not quite Check out our
growing collection of snippets and mini-extensions for some of the most
commonly-requested customizations!

Out of luck Not yet!
Composite Products includes an impressive arsenal of action and filter hooks for customizing every detail of
its behavior.

Looking for REST
support We got your back there, as well!

Composite Products right for you

Composite Products is
suitable for creating advanced product kits that consist of
multiple components with several
product options
. If you want to create simple product packages
with static content, Product Bundles might be a
better option. Note that Product Bundles can be nested in components to build
even more
complex configurators

WooCommerce provides even more ways to sell products in kits,
such as Grouped Products, Chained
and Force Sells. Can t
figure out which extension is right for your store We ve written a handy
to help you decide.

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