UPDATE: Check out our brand spanking new Comic Pack Version 3.0!
Youtubers – and those who plan to become Youtubers! We are back with a special edition of the Youtuber Pack, and this time we go full comic-style.. presenting: The Youtuber Pack – The Comic Edition 2.0. Custom yet recognizable elements of popular Super-Heros and Villains. If you want to spice up your channel in the most “YourFavorite-Man/Woman” fashion, then this is the Number 1 choice!

This Pack is more packed than an Ironman suit, more powerful than Superman, smoother than Spiderman and funnier than the Joker! UPDATED: Version 2 adds a batch of 35 fresh new elements to the original item, now packing a whopping…

• 20 Logo Reveals
• 20 Lower Thirds
• 10 Titles
• 5 End Cards
• 10 Transitions
• 10 Info Bars

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