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4K Icon Fonts For Visual Composer

Category: Add-ons
Tags: 4k, addon, builder, font, font icon, Free Download, icon, icons, page builder, shortcode, vc, vector, visual, visual composer, WPBakery, wpbakery page builder

The Ultimate Icon Font Addon for ANY Theme, with over 9,000 Icon Fonts to Choose From

4k icons is a WPBakery Page Builder shortcode add-on that gives you the awesome ability to use over 9,000 font icons in your WordPress site. You can add background shapes to your icons, adjust the size and colors, apply different hover effects, and align them to suit your every need.

4k Icons was built to have all the icons you would ever want and need. We have a lot of social icons which you can turn into links. We even have all the US states as icons just in case you need them.

Why is this named 4k? Well, originally this had only 4,000 icons, but has now expanded to accomodate more!

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