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15 Halftone Textures + 5 Bonus

Category:  Photoshop

the Product
I know there are quite a lot of halftone texture packs around there but
trust me, this one is really special. You need to see it to believe it!

I was motivated to create the best halftone textures out there and I initially
planned to make 10 of them, then I thought it would be a good idea to add 5
more and then… even 5 more, until I got to 20. They are crafted with care
and attention to detail and you’ll find all kinds of awesome things

There are 20 textures in total, 5 of which are bonus, meaning you pay only
for the first 15. They are also part of a bigger project I’m working on,
meaning some good stuff is coming soon.


15 Halftone Textures + 5 Bonus Textures
High Resolution 1920×1080
Fully layered PSD files (you will find the dots and background colors on
different layers)
Easy to edit (change brightness and colors with a little Photoshop
Includes PNG files too! (meaning you won’t need Photoshop to use the
Different densities (you can look at the samples in the last image)
The logos/badges are not included in the pack but you can get some here:
http://crtv.mk/tlmd Also, if you are interested in the pencil text effect you
see in the screenshots you can grab it here: http://crtv.mk/inYP

If you really like this pack then you are most welcome to push the big
green button in the top-right corner!

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